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Our Mission

Developing Tino Rangatiratanga

Our Strategy

Providing ordinary services in an extra-ordinary way

Our Purpose

Our vision, our whanau, our future

Te kōrero mō tō mātou tohu


The leaves at the top of the logo depict the leaves of the Maize, Kumara and Perperu crops we are growing. The prow of the canoe with the light coming through acknowledges all tribes and the hope of a new dawning. Under this the koru which is the Whenua (placenta) offers life to the body of the tribes of the far north. The plait represents our collective Pito (umbilical cord) and confirms our very close links to each other, and that this is where our strength is. It also represents the roots of the crop, our (Whenua Placenta) which is returned to the land.

One end is tied/fastened to our canoe, the other end to the whanau. Woven into the umbilical cord are the roots of our economic development strategy on the outer edge of this you will note another five notches; this represents our five year strategy. Protected by the prospect of self sustainability, their canoe, and their cultural richness is a whanau looking towards a brighter future kept warm and protected by a korowai, hence the name He Korowai Trust.

Our Values

  • Show respect to others

    “Each person has a special gift”

  • Share what you have

    “Giving makes you richer”

  • Know who you are

    “You are a reflection of your Tupuna”

  • Accept what life brings

    “You cannot control all things”

  • Have patience

    “Some things cannot be rushed”

  • Live carefully

    “What you do will come back to you”

  • Take care of others

    “They may one day enhance your life”

  • Honour Kaumatua

    “They hold the repository of wisdom”

  • Seek guidance

    “Many things are often not known”

  • Nothing is a coincidence

    “All things are related”