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Emergency Accommodation


Gordon moved into Emergency Accommodation homeless, jobless and wanted to get away from the drug and alcohol scene he had been surrounded by for most of his life, he wanted a fresh start.

He has a vivacious character and was always willing to help around the building with duties such as cleaning and helping Open the Curtain (OTC) with the fry bread. One of the staff saw potential in Gordon and offered him a job doing commercial catering. During this time we learned he had a passion for cooking and service (Manaaki). He was continuously encouraged and praised for this work. His time in emergency accommodation allowed him to develop his self-esteem and gave him the confidence to get out there and find other mahi.

Living in an environment that is alcohol and drug free, which offered him wrap around services, gave him stability and kept him focused on his goals.

Through his own efforts, Gordon now has his own whare and works in the Manaaki on 25 Cafe, which is a cafe run through the Trust. Gordon now feels independent and financially capable, a huge change from homeless, dependent on the benefit and jobless.

Emergency Accommodation is a service for people who are without a stable home base in Kaitaia. The accommodation provides temporary shelter for whanau to rest and rejuvenate themselves and seeks to support whanau in to long-term sustainable housing solutions, these solutions may be through:

  • the open rental market
  • the Trust’s own private housing resources
  • the Trust’s housing network; or
  • the Trust’s home ownership programme

The criteria for entry into the Emergency Accommodation is based on the values of the Trust and seek to keep every individual on the Trust’s properties safe from harm or potential harm. Anyone entering the Trust’s properties must agree to the following:

  • No alcohol, non-prescribed drugs, or violence in any part of the HKT buildings or sites
  • No weapons and/or intimidating, aggressive, lewd (vulgar/indecent) behaviour, language, or clothing
  • No gang colours or insignia of any kind
  • No pets on site or in rooms (except approved seeing eye dogs)
  • Non-payment of rent will be considered a breach of contract
  • No smoking or cooking your rooms (smoking is allowed in the OUTSIDE designated areas only)
  • No heaters / multiple plugs allowed in your room due to fire safety, this includes radio and television
  • No person is to invite ANY other person in to their room, this includes partners, friends, children and other tenants
  • No visitors after 5pm during week days, and no visitors at all during weekends
  • No visitors through, or over, the back gate (have them sign in at reception with you) and visits to be 1 hour maximum
  • Do not give your room card to any person, $15.00 to replace lost cards
  • Tenants agree to be filmed for security / safety / training / identification / management purposes
  • Tenants agree that the Trust can use any video footage for security / safety / training / tracking eviction or prosecution purposes
  • Tenants agree that their swipe card information can be used for training / tracking / security / safety, eviction or prosecution purposes
  • Tenants must not themselves, or allow any other person to either knock, climb through, or look through any bedroom window(s)
  • Chattels listed on the agreement are co-signed by landlord and tenant together
  • Tenants to give one week’s notice to HKT EA Manager by Tuesday at the latest when wishing to exit the residence
  • The provisions outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act 1986