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Kia Ora, we understand that things might not be OK for you right now. We would be grateful for the opportunity to serve you

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing is safe, sober and short term quality accommodation for individuals and couples who are unable to access public or private accommodation.

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13,140 Care nights


4,224 Care Nights

Access Criteria

  • Homeless – have no suitable living arrangements

  • Be 18 years of age or older

  • Single or Couples only (no children)

  • Agree to the Boarding House rules, conditions and consequences if breached.

  • Attend their agreed scheduled appointments with their allocated Keyworker/s

  • Complete their agreed tasks or milestones in their personalised pathway plans

  • Have lived in the Far North for the past 6 months (Discretionary)

He Korowai Trust
Boarding House Rules

  • No alcohol / violence or non-prescribed drugs in any part of the building

  • No intimidating / aggressive / lewd (vulgar / indecent) language or clothing

  • No smoking or cooking in your rooms (Smoking is allowed in the designated OUTSIDE common areas only)

  • No heaters / multiple plugs allowed in your room (Fire Safety)

  • No person is to invite any other person into their room. This includes partners, friends, children, other Border/residents. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Must leave building when fire alarm is activated asking to immediately vacate the building

  • MUST follow the instructions of the fire warden or on site Kaitiaki

  • Not to give your room card to any person

  • Border/residents agree to be filmed for Security / Safety / Training / Identification / Management purposes

  • Border/residents agree that the Trust can use any video footage for training / tracking / security / safety / identification / eviction or prosecution purposes

  • Border/residents agree that their swipe card information can be used for training / tracking / security / safety eviction or prosecution purposes

  • Border/residents must not / or allow any person to either knock / climb through or look through any bedroom window/s

  • Pass weekly room inspections


How long can I stay for?

Both you and the trust will agree on how long you can stay with us. This could range from 7,14 or 28 day Trial period. Up to a maximum stay of 90 days.

There may be an opportunity for you to stay longer but this will be at the sole recommendation of your Key worker on a case by case basis

How Much does it cost?

You will be required to pay (redirected through your benefit) a rent contribution which is calculated at a maximum of 25% of your income There are additional costs of $11.00 per week to supply, wash and dry your linen.

Residents organize shared meals (breakfast lunch, dinners) There is a weekly payment of $40 contribution towards your shared meals. This money will be collected directly from you by the relevant resident in charge. This service is not part of your accommodation agreement