Whare Tahi – Housing First

Housing First prioritises immediate access to permanent housing, recognising that it is easier for people to address other issues once they are housed. It then provides and links people with the support services necessary to address those issues.

We provide whānau with an opportunity to be housed in long term arrangements whether they are single or part of a wider whānau. This initiative aims to ensure that whānau are supported appropriately while in medium or long term living arrangements. This could include support around addictions, health needs and financial sustainability. These are examples of what limits whānau from reaching their full potential
Housing First is for people experiencing homelessness because of their high, multiple and complex needs. In particular those who are experiencing chronic homelessness, mental or physical health issues and substance use and abuse.

We recognise that having these associated issues may not necessarily be addressed appropriately without being housed first. Our aim is to house people and work through issues that need to be addressed.

Any government ministry or community agency including Iwi can make a referral to Housing First. The staff member who completes the referral will act as a referral advocate during the safety needs assessment process. Referrals may take up to 3 days.
Housing First accommodation and support is 25% of your weekly income. For example, if your weekly income is $200 per week you pay $50.00 per week ($200/4). There are some additional costs for meals and linen; three daily meals cost $48.00 per week and weekly linen supply and washing costs $11.50 per week per person.

Expected Outcomes.

  • Reduced length of time being homeless
  • Increased number of whānau obtaining permanent housing
  • Increased number of whānau who obtain support to retain their housing;
  • Increased number of whānau stabilized in permanent housing over time

It takes a team effort.

A consortium of Tai Tokerau Māori and Iwi housing providers who have teamed up, including Te Hau Ora O Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Hine Health & Social services (Mid North), Te Rūnanga O Whaingaroa and He Korowai Trust (Far North). They collaboratively work together to:

  • Make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring in Northland; and
  • Develop and improve the quality of life for those people experiencing homelessness.